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Here comes the place for coffee lovers! Follow this link and explore the world of coffee from the history of coffee to the coffee art or types of coffee.

Welcome to my blog, the world for coffee lovers. Let’s explore my coffee blog by beginning with how I ‘met’ coffee at the very first moment.

My coffee journey ignited when I first tried a cup of latte made by my friend during the Easter vacation in my first year of high school. I saw my friend taking out roasted Robusta beans and grinding them for the coffee production. Putting the ground coffee on the drip, he poured water into the coffee and let it soak. At the same time, he prepared the foam from plain milk with a tiny electric whisk.

Holding a cup of latte, I felt the vanilla-like aroma filling over my face. This pleasant aroma wafted towards me. Taking the first sip, I felt the mildly mellow taste of coffee blending with the foamy milk on the top. At that moment, my heart fell for this kind of dark roasted coffee and became spontaneous to explore the coffee world.

Being a curious coffee drinker, I tried to taste many kinds of coffee like instant coffee, hot and cold coffee, medium roast type of ground coffee and cold brew coffee. Black coffee and iced coffee are my favorite.

Gradually, my love for coffee gets bigger, inspiring me to be a coffee enthusiast to bring peers through the coffee journey.

My key goal for this blog is to be a company with the readers on the coffee tour. This tour covers various stops to discover the diverse aspects of coffee. For example, you’ll go through the history of coffee to learn where coffee originated or how it became popular until now.

Moreover, the blog introduces the method to differentiate types of coffee. You can broaden your knowledge of understanding hot vs. iced coffee. You can also learn more about the varieties of coffee, such as black coffee, americano, latte, espresso, etc. 

This coffee platform also provides resources for you to explore types of coffee beans. By spending just 3 minutes skimming the articles, you can tell apart between Robusta beans and arabica beans. The brewing method is another great topic to be discussed. Notably, cold brew coffee has become a hot trend recently because of its mild fresh taste.

More interestingly, you can have a guide on how the brewing method is. Here, the blog will help you uncover the ways of brewing coffee in different kinds of machines. From the coffee maker likes French press to Espresso machines or Moka, you can learn them all.

Last but not least, you can get to know about fair trade coffee brands from around the world. These fair-trade coffee brands fuel the mutually beneficial partnerships among farmers by using Direct Trade and Fair Trade practices.

Not only does my blog contain resources on coffee, but it is also a platform for sharing knowledge between readers. It will be my pleasure to have your contribution to house blend coffee recipes of dark roasted Arabica coffees. Or a short comment on the benefits of coffee on your lifestyle will be great as well.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments on each article to share your thoughts. It would be even better to learn how you make a cup of medium roast coffee. I am glad to hear your how your coffee production is and what coffee maker is and which coffee beans you use.

Let’s jump in my coffee tour and share your enjoyment with me along with other coffee fans!

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