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Top 6 Best Coffee Grinder for AeroPress: Reviews and Buying Guides

This article on the best coffee grinder for AeroPress covers everything you need to know to brew the boldest and most delicious flavor with your AeroPress.

A good coffee grinder helps you make the best coffee possible. But in case you want to take more time to grind the coffee for a perfect blend, I believe you will be interested in the top picks of the best coffee grinder for AeroPress here.

These are the best models on the market that I’ve researched and tested over time.

No matter which one you select after reading the review below, you get the best device to perform a proper grinding process without breaking your AeroPress experience for sure.

Don’t waste your time!

Let’s get started!

Best Coffee Grinders for AeroPress: Comparison Table

Product’s Name Best Feature  



Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder Best electric coffee grinder 4.5/5
Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder Best manual coffee grinder/

Best for traveling

OXO Brew 8717000 Coffee Grinder Best capacity 4.5/5

#6 – Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder – Best Pick of the Electric Coffee Grinder

Dimensions 4.70 x 6.30 x 13.80 inches
Weight 6.83 lbs
Material Plastic
Grind Settings 40 steps
Hopper’s capacity 8 ounces

Made by award-winning company Baratza, Encore is known as an excellent coffee grinder that takes the top position on the market for making AeroPress for reasons.

First, this coffee grinder is extremely easy to use with a 2-way on/off switch on its side and a pulse grinding button on the front. Simply twist the hopper to one of the desired markings and then push the switch to get each batch you want.

The next excellent thing, this product can grind from 250 to 1200 microns thanks to a 40-step grind-size adjustment. That means churning out suitable grounds to produce an AeroPress, French Press, or cold brew is a piece of cake.

The Encore’s powerful DC motor also plays a vital role in lessening heat, noise, and static generation in the machine while guaranteeing that the coffee beans feed smoothly into the burrs.

Pros Cons
●      Solid and well-made

●      Consistent grounds

●      User-friendly interface

●      40 grinding settings

●      1-year warranty

●      A bit pricey

●      A little messy after pulling out the container

#5 – 1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder – Best Compact

Dimensions 1.8 x 5.4 inches
Weight 0.85 lbs
Material Stainless Steel
Grind Settings 10 adjustable numbers on the dial
Hopper’s capacity 0.5 – 0.7 ounces

Will the 1Zpresso Q2 – one of the tiniest grinders of the 1Zpresso company – give the best result you expect from the best coffee grinder for AeroPress?

The good news, you can get a perfect grind consistency thanks to the burrs inside the grinder. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they are incredibly sharp, corrosion-resistant, hard, and durable. No matter how often you grind coffee every week, they are able to stay sharp for years.

Moreover, this grinder comes with a dual-bearing shaft and triaxial design that is effective to increase stability for better consistency. For this reason, receiving a lot of fines for a proper AeroPress experience is not a BIG issue.

10 numbers on the dial is a PLUS that allows you to adjust the right setting to grind the coffee. More interestingly, you can screw it on and off effortlessly without creating any static like some of the electric coffee grinders.

Pros Cons
●      Small and lightweight

●      Premium material

●      Round wooden knob for comfort

●      Easy to use and clean up

●      Sharp burrs for excellent grinding

●      1-year warranty

●      Small capacity

●      Counter-intuitive numbering dial

#4 – brim Electric Handheld Burr Grinder – Best Budget


Dimensions 3.5 x 9.5 inches
Weight 2.28 lbs
Material Stainless Steel
Grind Settings 9
Hopper’s capacity 1.05 ounces

You want a quality burr grinder yet have a tight budget, so why don’t you take a look at a portable grinder with electric power from brim company?

With 9 grind sizes, you have control over the precision of fineness to make several kinds of coffee beverages like espresso, AeroPress, or French press. Simply turn the grinder on its base and select the desired setting before grinding.

In terms of speed, this grinder operates slowly as compared to other electric ones. But this is useful to protect your coffee beans from heating up while grinding and keeping their freshness and flavor better.

So, if you crave the conical burrs made with stainless steel to evenly grind the coffee beans, nothing can beat this tall, sleek, affordable, and effective coffee grinder.

Pros Cons
●      Sleek style and size

●      Solid performance with 9 settings

●      Easy to use with a simple button

●      Affordably-priced

●      No auto turn-off feature

●      Quite messy while getting the grounds out

#3 – OXO Brew 8717000 Coffee Grinder – Best Capacity


Dimensions 7.4 x 12 x 16 inches
Weight 4.5 lbs
Material Stainless Steel
Grind Settings 15
Hopper’s capacity 12 ounces

One of the biggest advantages that give the OXO Brew 8717000 an edge over other mid-range coffee grinders is that it delivers a relatively large hopper capacity of 12 ounces. Ever so wonderfully, it includes a nice container that can hold up to 3.8 ounces of ground coffee that is ideal for making 12 cups.

Aside from a large capacity, this hopper is designed for ease of use with a mess-free design. Also, it comes with a UV-blocking tin to remain the coffee beans as fresh as possible for a long time.

Although this model has fewer settings (15 ones) as compared to the Baratza Encore (40 ones), it boasts 40mm stainless steel conical burrs that ensure quicker and more consistent grinding for AeroPress.

Pros Cons
●      Large bean hopper with a mess-free design

●      Quiet and quick operation

●      Small footprint

●      Super easy to use

●      Automatic switch-off

●      Jamming on the fine setting

●      Rickety construction

#2 – Zassenhaus M040111 Manual Coffee Mill – Premium Pick


Dimensions 3.5 x 5.5 x 7.8 inches
Weight 2.15 lbs
Material Mahogany
Hopper’s capacity 1.1 ounces

Functionality and aesthetic meet in the Zassenhaus M040111 coffee mill – the crafty exterior conceals a high-quality steel conical burr that does an excellent job at grinding your whole beans, especially for AeroPress.

If this is your first time, I suggest you should do some test grinds to check the suitable texture. In case the result is not good, try to readjust the grind by turning the knurled adjustable knob under the crank.

To be described as a “knee grinder,” you easily and neatly hold it between your knees thanks to a slight curve on its exterior. Aside from grinding from a seated position, you also place the grinder on the table. Just make sure you keep it stable to grind well.

Last but not least, this coffee mill offers a 25-year limited warranty, ensuring a high-performance and durable product.

Pros Cons
●      Perfect fit and finish

●      Effective adjustments for consistent result

●      Easy to use

●      Long warranty

●      Expensive

●      Hard to hold with small hands

#1 – Porlex Mini Coffee Grinder – Best for Travel


Dimensions 1.8 x 2.3 x 6 inches
Weight 0.5 lbs
Material Stainless steel and ceramic
Hopper’s capacity 0.7 ounces

If you want to enjoy a true AeroPress experience while traveling, nothing can beat the Porlex Mini. It’s small, lightweight, yet well-made and effective to grind the coffee beans consistently. Although its hopper just holds about 0.7 ounces, it’s enough to brew one or two cups on the go.

Unlike the products above, this one comes with a set of ceramic burrs that are helpful to keep the coffee beans from heat exposure and maintain the natural aroma and oils for a fresh and tasty cup of coffee. Moreover, these burrs are 47mm in diameter, allowing you to grind the beans quicker than the Zassenhaus M040111.

And the result is, of course, excellent with a great consistency that works best in an AeroPress.

Pros Cons
●      Ideal travel grinder

●      Simple yet solid design

●      Consistent quality coffee powder

●      Static-free body

●      A bit pricey

●      Poor directions

Buying Guides

Freshly ground is better than pre-ground coffee

We all know that coffee cannot keep its freshness when it is ground. Since the ground beans have an increased surface area exposed to the air, the oils and other compounds in the beans that give the flavor quickly dissolve and break down than the whole beans.

How about buying pre-ground coffee in a vacuum seal?

Although this lessens some effects, airtight packaging isn’t good enough to retain beans from losing their flavor.

In sum, if you prefer the boldest and most great-tasting flavor, you should buy the whole coffee beans and then grind them by yourself.

How to choose the best coffee grinder for AeroPress?


A good coffee grinder has to deliver evenly-sized coffee ground to evenly extract your coffee and diminish the chance of weak or bitter coffee.

In this case, you need the medium to medium-fine grind to work best in an AeroPress. However, it’s okay to get the grinder with different sizes as you can make different brewing methods.

Besides, the machine should be consistent with the grind size. Imagine that if you get a coarse and fine grind size at the same time, how could you make the right brewing.

The good news, all the products on my list have an outstanding grind consistency. No matter what you want to make AeroPress, French press, or espresso, they do well.


Let me remind you one more time!

The medium to medium-fine coffee grind is a MUST if you are going to brew coffee with an AeroPress. For that reason, you need the machine that comes with different settings to find a good option along with AeroPress.

Besides, the settings should be easy to understand and adjust so that you can quickly adapt to the grinding mechanism.

Size, capacity, and portability

This depends on your demand.

If you prefer to enjoy fresh drinks everywhere you go, a portable and manual coffee grinder is a good pick. In case you only want to use it at home, think of a high-capacity electric-powered device.


To purchase the coffee grinder that can last for years, you need to find the one that is made from durable materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. In case you have a limited budget, I suggest you should go for metal instead of hard plastic.

Blade Grinder vs Burr Grinder

The blade grinder isn’t a good option if you require great consistency. Additionally, this type might create a high amount of heat that affects the flavor of the coffee beans, making them bitter and acidic.

Meanwhile, the burr grinder with a nested and conical shape allows you to evenly crush the beans as well as evenly extract the best flavor for your coffee.


#1 – Can you use ground coffee in AeroPress?

Of course, YES.

For a standard AeroPress, you need to add about 2-3 tbsp of coffee into 240 ml of boiling water. Saturate the grounds, and then you can use them in AeroPress.

#2 – Why is AeroPress coffee so good?

Since the ground coffee is completely immersed in water, it leads to robust flavor extraction.

#3 – How should I grind coffee for AeroPress?

You need to grind coffee to a texture slightly finer than sea salt to get the perfect medium to medium-fine coffee grounds for AeroPress.


Learn some necessary considerations to get the right grinder

Although there are a couple of things to be considered such as electric or manual, size, capacity, etc. before making a purchase, I believe you now can pick for yourself the best coffee grinder for AeroPress that satisfies your demands the most.

Amongst, the Baratza Encore seems to be the best of the best because this electric coffee grinder comes with lots of premium features that give you complete control of the brewing process.

ORDER IT NOW if you agree with me. Or simply turn back to the collection mentioned above and pick your desired device.

Good luck and happy grinding!



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