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Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine

What is the Best Nespresso Coffee Prodigio Machine to Buy?

It can be quite daunting to look for a coffee maker that is easy-to-use and, at the same time, produces mooth-tasting coffee. Have you heard about the new Prodigio line of Nespresso? These units have been making a splash in recent years due to their high tech features that can hardly be seen in other models of the same class.

In today’s article, we will be giving a detailed Nespresso Prodigio review and buying guides to help you solve this quest! Stay tuned!

Overview of the Nespresso Prodigio

The Prodigio is Nespresso’s first-ever connected machine, removing the hassle of making a mess when grinding and brewing coffee. Some outstanding features of Nespresso Prodigio include:

  • Controlled by a smartphone: You will have full control over your espresso machine with the smart technology from the Nespresso app. This means you can have the machine to make your espresso while still staying in bed! How convenient!
  • Compact and well-designed: The compact machine design allows placement anywhere on your kitchen countertop, even when you have limited space. The unit also adds a nice touch to the overall style of your modern kitchen space.
  • Notifications and alerts on the app: The app tells you when the water tank is empty and when to descale the machine. Even though the tank is transparent, meaning that you can tell yourself when to fill in more water, it is still a nice feature to have when you’re not paying attention.

What is the Best Nespresso Coffee Prodigio Machine to Buy?

The table below helps you to have a better understanding of the four Nespresso model friendly features. Check it out!

Features/ Benefits

Nespresso D70-US-SI-NE Prodigio

Nespresso C75-US-TI-NE Prodigio

Nespresso D75-US-SI-NE Prodigio

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine


Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine






Capsule Container Capacity





Water Reservoir Capacity

27 ounces

27 ounces

27 ounces

54 ounces

Milk Container

Special Features

First connected Nespresso machine

First connected Nespresso machine

First connected Nespresso machine


1. Nespresso D70-US-SI-NE Prodigio

  • Silver Color
  • Capsule Container Capacity: 19
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 27 ounces
  • No Milk Container

2. Nespresso C75-US-TI-NE Prodigio

  • Black Color
  • Capsule Container Capacity: 17
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 54 ounces
  • Milk Container available

3. Nespresso D75-US-SI-NE Prodigio

Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine
  • Titan Color
  • Capsule Container Capacity: 19
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 27 ounces
  • Milk Container available

4. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

  • Silver Color
  • Capsule Container Capacity: 19
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 27 ounces
  • Milk Container available
  • Black Color
  • Capsule Container Capacity: 17
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 54 ounces
  • Milk Container available

Nespresso Prodigio Reviews

Nespresso D75-US-SI-NE Prodigio With Milk Espresso Maker


  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 8.6 x 14.7 inches
  • 19 bar high-pressure pump
  • Welcome set of 16 espresso capsules
  • Removable 27 oz. water tank
  • App control via Bluetooth
  • Two-year warranty for residential use

The D75-US-SI-NE model was indeed designed for tech-savvy users who know their way around these kinds of machines.

What people like most about this unit is the detachable Aeroccino milk frother, allowing more versatility in brewing capabilities. This Aeroccino frother aids in making all your favorite beverages with milk, not just espresso alone. You can now level up and master your latte art game, folks! And just so you know, cleaning is made a lot easier thanks to the detachable feature of the Aeroccino frother.

Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle


  • Weight: 12.96 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 12.2 x 12.3 inches
  • 12 free coffee capsules flavor
  • Built in Aeroccino milk frother
  • Fast heat up time of up to 15 seconds
  • Extra large 52 oz. water tank

The thing to make this unit stand out from other machines of the same category has got to be the Nespresso app compatibility. It allows you to have full control over the machine through Bluetooth connectivity. Other worth noticing features are the descaling mode and empty water reservoir alert, which also can’t be found in any other models.

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine: Key Features and Benefits

The Pod-based Coffee Maker

The unit comes with 16 pods (often referred to as capsules). They are environmentally-friendly and can be recycled, but they still produce more waste than when you grind your own beans.

There are two alternatives if you want to recycle your used pods. Either you make an additional purchase for a recycling bag on your coffee order, drop off the used pods at a recycling center, or have Nespresso do the recycling after dropping these used pods at a UPS location. Whatever is more convenient for you.

Regarding the grinding process, if you don’t know how to grind your beans properly, you will fail to extract the taste and aroma of certain coffee beans. Having pre-ground coffee in these single-serve pods ensures that the natural taste is retained, thus producing great espresso shots for the perfect morning kick start!

When you have used all the pods, you can easily order them from the app. They have a wide variety of beans to suit your taste!

The Capsule Machine

Nespresso Prodigio comes with an integrated capsule system, bringing about the most delicious tasting coffee in securely sealed capsules. What makes it even better is the automatic brewing system to get your coffee done in one single gesture.

All you’ll have to do is to pick the capsule flavor for your favorite drink, put it in the machine, and put your cup under the spout. The brewing process shouldn’t take any longer than 30 seconds, and voilà, a delicious cup of coffee is ready to be served!

The Coffee Machine Connected With a Mobile App

The Nespresso app is compatible with IOS and Android platforms, helping you to have full control over the machine. Since the espresso machine uses a Bluetooth connection, you’ll have to keep a certain distance between the unit and your phone in order for it to work. Now, this won’t seem to be a problem when your bedroom is next to, or at least close to your kitchen; but if you own a bigger house, you might want to consider it again.

One of the best things about this app has got to be the scheduling feature. You only need to place your coffee mug under the spout, set the time for when you want the coffee to be made, and rest assured to sleep, knowing that you’ll wake up to a steamy hot, delicious espresso shots the next morning. You also get to choose the espresso sizes, from ristretto, espresso to lungo.

A special feature that you can only find in this unit but not the others is the descaling alert. After some time, the interior of the espresso pod is filled with coffee residue, calling for a descaling process. It doesn’t take long but still requires you to be there to press some buttons, then put the water back into the water reservoir midway.

Sleek Design

In terms of design, the Nespresso Prodigio is one of the capsule-based machines with a sleek, minimalist design.

You will find the water reservoir to be tucked behind the machine, making space for even more countertop footprint. On the espresso machine lays three buttons for three cup sizes and a switch to put the espresso pod in, promoting the ease of use of this machine. Another cool thing about this unit is the energy-saving mode; this perfect machine will automatically turn on this mode when you forget to shut it off after using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages



  • Easy control via the Nespresso app
  • Three customizable cup sizes
  • Descaling alert feature
  • Hassle-free to clean
  • User-friendly
  • Requires you to stay in the Bluetooth range
  • Quite costly
  • You need to pay extra for the milk frother

Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Makers: Buying Guides

Normal Prodigio Vs Prodigio & Milk

It depends solidly on your preference and budget when choosing between a normal Prodigio and a Prodigio with an Aeroccino milk frother. Imagine it like this: if you’re more fond of water-based coffee, then the normal Prodigio makes a good pick; and the Prodigio & Milk is made for those who love their coffee with frother milk. Plus, you can also make milk based drinks with this frother, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make the call between these two models, don’t you think?

If you’re still hesitating, you can watch this video for more information.

Coffee Quality Produced by the Normal Prodigio

After running a few tests, we were surprised to find that the coffee quality produced by the normal Prodigio was beyond what we could have imagined. Of course, it might not be as good as professionally ground coffee, but it is something.

Our tested espresso came out strong, with complex taste and aroma, which is just what you need to get your day going smooth and productive. Would you call this professional quality? The answer is yes!

How to Clean and Maintain the Nespresso Prodigio?

The maintenance and cleaning process shouldn’t take you any more than 10 minutes.

The espresso machine comes with test strips for you to test the water hardness. You can put the results in your Nespresso app and let the app do the calculating and alert you when to descale the unit. However, you will need to make extra purchases on Nespresso’s descaling solution as using vinegar or any other detergents from other brands is not recommended. The reservoir is easy to clean as it is removable, so is the drip tray.


Can I use reusable pods for the Nespresso Prodigio?

Absolutely. There are several types available for you to choose from. Most people don’t feel the need to buy reusable pods as regular ones don’t cost much money, but those who care about the environment and climate change do.

What is the difference between the Nespresso Prodigio D75 and C75?

They are basically the same model but in different colors. The D75 comes in silver, while C75 is titan.

Does the Nespresso Prodigio come with the 12 free pods to start you off?

The espresso machine comes with 12 free pods of different flavors for you to try, helping you to find the ones you like the most in the next purchase.

Can a Nespresso make a latte?

You can make a latte with a Nespresso using a capsule of Vivalto Lungo or Fortissio Lungo Grand Cru in Lungo.

In case you bought a regular Nespresso Prodigio with no milk frother, you can have your latte with no crema topping, but do remember to add hot milk, or else why would you even call it a latte?

Final Verdict

And that’s a wrap for our Nespresso Prodigio review.

In the end, it only comes down to your preferences and budget to choose out one machine to display on the countertop. The extra functionality makes every penny count, so if you’re tech-savvy, and is looking for a minimal coffee maker, why not give the Nespresso Prodigio a try?

We highly recommend the Nespresso Vertuo due to its automatic Aeroccino milk frother, making every cup of espresso and latte ten times more delicious! It’s better to have the frother there because then, you won’t have to worry about the next time you spontaneously want some crema in your coffee anymore! Also, its larger water tank will be a great feature to have if you often drink more than one coffee a day.


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