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Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8

🥇 Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review: The Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8

If you’re a coffee lover, you will know that the level of consistency in aromas and flavors is very crucial. It’s often the case that you can’t replicate your favorite cup of coffee, as there are too many factors at play. With a good coffee grinder, however, you won’t have to worry about that.

Among all coffee grinders, Cuisinart DBM-8 is something that can’t be missed out on, especially for its price. But in order to see more clearly why this is the case, you need to know all the most important details surrounding this great device.

In this Cuisinart coffee grinder review, we will offer you all the necessary info about its features, benefits, the package itself as well as answers to some common questions.

Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8: The Specifications

Features Cuisinart Supreme DBM-8
Material Stainless steel
Type Electric
Warranty 18-month warranty (limited)
Dimensions 10.75 x 7.13 x 6.00 inches
Weight 4.50lbs

Cuisinart Coffee Grinder Review: Features & Benefits

As with most product categories, coffee grinders require extensive knowledge if you want to pick out the best among them. With that in mind, there are a couple of things one must know about the Cuisinart DBM-8 first to see why it deserves the attention.

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The burr mill

Cuisinart DBM-8, instead of using blades, opts for a burr mill which tends to create a more uniform and even result. The type of grind that comes from the burr mill as opposed to blade grinders will produce better coffee taste and subsequently more consistency in product.

An advantage of the burr grinder against the blade grinder is that grinding with burrs doesn’t overheat the coffee, which keeps the flavour steady and to your liking. Using the automatic burr mill of DBM-8, you will be able to preserve both the aromas and flavors while not straining the motor.

The motor

DBM-8 features a heavy-duty motor which is very powerful and durable to sustain peak performance for a long time. The motor is very much like the heart of coffee grinders, and DBM-8 has a strong, healthy heart. It will accomplish what’s needed quickly and optimally.

No matter what kind of grind you want and what amount, this bad boy will deliver in the most ideal way possible. With a great motor like this, the rich flavors belonging to that of freshly ground coffee will be enhanced significantly.

Grind selections

This Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme automatic burr mill grinder offers an amazing 18-grind setting which offers you utmost freedom in how you want to grind your coffee beans, which ranges from extra-coarse to ultra-fine.

If you have different types of coffee beans and tend to alternate between them for daily use, then this feature will help for a wide variety of brewing methods.

What’s great about this grind mechanism, in addition, is that the versatility in grind selection can help to create the perfect coffee for you, as you can be more exact and specific about the grinding procedure and grind quality.

Capacity and speed

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme is the one coffee grinder to get if you’re either: really serious about home coffee making or you’re brewing for a lot of people. This model has a large, removable grind chamber which is capable of holding enough ground coffee for 32 cups. If you use the grind setting, it can grind for from 4 to up to 18 cups of coffee.

With this kind of great capacity, the possibilities when using the DBM-8 coffee grinder is limitless. But it doesn’t stop there. DBM-8 grinds at a great speed, another important factor that you will love if you’re trying to balance speed with quantity and grind quality. More specifically, within a minute DBM-8 can churn out a medium grind for 12 to 18 cups. Amazing.


This one is a beauty. Thanks to its stainless steel outlook, which adds maximum durability, DBM-8 looks fitting not only as a functional but a decorative piece to your modern kitchen. Using the coffee grinder, you will really get a sense that you’re making your own coffee.

Aesthetics aside, DBM-8 stands at a compact enough size to provide portability while not sacrificing stability. There are smart designs such as the power cord storage or the removable major chambers, which are made for easy transportation and storage.

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Credit: Amazon


Easy to use

Not only is Cuisinart DBM-8 a great piece of equipment for coffee makers, if you’re new to the art itself the coffee grinder is also fantastic. It has a beginner-friendly design, easy to operate and handle. All you need to do is plug it in, fill the hopper with beans, select the grind setting then hit the start button. And voila!

As the coffee grinder doesn’t feature anything out of ordinary, newcomers can get a handle of it in no time. What you need to figure out is your personal favorite grind setting, which can be figured out once you’re acquainted with the operation.

Safety features

The Cuisinart Supreme grind automatic burr mill  makes sure to take care of its users, from its friendly design to its safety features, which are nothing but reliable and quality.

For example, if the chamber and hopper are not set in place, the grinder won’t run. This is to help ensure that everything is in its right place and that once it’s started, there will be no accidents which can result from pieces flying off.

There’s also another setting which when used will help turn off the grinder automatically after it’s done. If you tend to be forgetful, this is a great thing to have, which can prevent accidents from melting or overheating coffee grinders.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Budget friendly, affordable price Problems with customer service
18-position grind selector for freedom of options and quality grinds Can be noisy during operation
Capacity up to 32 cups Not fit for grinding for espresso or pour-over coffee
Great safety mechanisms, one-touch power bar
Stainless steel design
Produces for 12 to 18 cups of coffee in a minute or less
Powerful motor
Uses burr mill for more consistency
Easy to use, newcomers-friendly

What’s included in the box?

Cuisinart DBM-8 comes with everything that you need to grind coffee. Included in the product package are two hoppers, a scoop and a cleaning brush.

The scoop is there to help you remove coffee grounds that tend to stick to the bottom chamber and interfere with future operations. Meanwhile, the brush is to clean the device, which can be used together with the scoop.

Cleaning and Maintaining

It’s very easy to clean Cuisinart DBM-8. And in fact, this is one of the things that makes it stand out among the rest, as how easily cleaned a coffee grinder is can be the difference between a good and a bad time using it.

First, as we have mentioned, the grinder comes with cleaning accessories such as a scoop and a cleaning brush. With the two useful, easy to handle tools, you can clean the grinder regularly with not much effort at all.

Second, this coffee grinder has a lot of removable parts and can come apart for an easy cleaning process. They consist of the hopper, its lid, the grinding chamber and the burr. You can again employ the aforementioned accessories to clean these parts for optimal performance.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning coffee grinds but requires it to be clean and fresh for optimal and safe repeated use, look no further than DBM-8. It surely will satisfy and can be your designated coffee grinder for years to come.


Is this machine a conical burr grinder?

Cuisinart DBM-8 is a ceramic flat burr. They are technically better than conical ones and can produce a more uniform grind, as well as being more consistent. Although generally speaking a lot of conical burr grinder can produce just as well.

Is it okay to put a small amount of coffee in the hopper and let the timer turn off after the hopper has been depleted?

You can, but it’s not recommended that you use the grinder without much coffee in it. Additionally, it would help if you use the grinder often or clean it often in this scenario to help remove the residue coffee which can stay even when using it for only a small amount of grind (e.g., only for one cup of coffee).

Can this grinder be used as a grain mill?

It cannot. There are some coffee grinders out there which are designed to grind foods as well, but DBM-8 doesn’t have this function and putting anything other than coffee beans in it might be dangerous.

How do you unclog a Cuisinart coffee grinder?

You can either use the included cleaning accessories such as the scoop or the cleaning brush, or for a more thorough unclogging you can disassemble the parts to remove the clog more effectively.


Cuisinart Supreme grind automatic burr mill DBM-8 has an affordable price, is a serviceable and beautiful coffee grinder that does its job well and more. Its uniqueness is in its being easy to clean, its versatile grinding options and its powerful motor. You can be assured that you get your money’s worth and more.

In this Cuisinart coffee grinder review we’ve listed out all of the aspects to consider before buying, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the products. It’s not on the same level as some of the more advanced, higher end products out there, but it’s perfect if you’re looking for something reliable, quality and doesn’t cost much.


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