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Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machine USA for the Home Use

With the best bean to cup coffee machine, you can satisfy the barista within you in a wonderful manner. A bean to cup coffee machine gives you a perfect cup o freshly brewed coffee without leaving the comfort of your home. To have the best bean to cup coffee machine, you must consider the taste and texture of coffee that you love while keeping your budget in mind. Here, we have listed the top 5 best bean to cup coffee machines for you to choose from ranging from low to high price range.





  • One touch brewing and frothing
  • Programmable
  • Ceramic burr grinder and brew unit
  • Front loaded water reservoir
  • 2 year warranty
  • Automatically grinds 
  • Programmable hands Free milk texturing
  • Dual stainless steel boilers
  • One Touch Americano
  • Programmable

3. Jura D6 Platinum

  • Makes 6 specialty drinks
  • Easy to controls
  • Pulse extraction process
  • Eight Coffee strength levels
  • Fast, quiet G3 grinder
De'Longhi Dinamica - Best Small Automatic Espresso
  • The true Brew process delivers smooth, full-bodied iced coffee
  • Heat-up time in less than 40 seconds
  • Brew the freshest coffee
  • Integrated adjustable manual frother
  • The simplest machine to clean
  • Clever Automatic Customize
  • Automatic Micro Foam Milk Texturing
  • Faster Heat Up Time
  • Precise Espresso Extraction
  • Integrated Coffee Grinder
  • Hands Free Operation
  • Touch screen operation

1. Gaggia Velasca Prestige Espresso Machine

Gaggia Velasca Prestige Espresso Machine truly lives up to the prestige of its name and offers top quality, feasibility, and incredible features. This bean to cup coffee machine is the best choice for coffee lovers who wish to get their hands on café quality coffee with a single touch and enjoy it in the cozy comfort of their place.

The first thing you notice about this premium quality bean to cup coffee machine is its supreme structure and design made of glossy and sturdy stainless steel. This guarantees high quality and durability.

Now coming to its grinding and brewing features. This machine has a push-button for brewing and frothing. The availability of five brew strengths and the temperature settings of up to three levels offers you a wide range of brewing levels as per your own preference.

Adding more to the convenience and feasibility of usage, there is a program menu that features special buttons for cappuccino, espresso, espresso lungo, milk frothing, and for making special/ customizable drinks. You can also customize these pre-programmed settings, as you can change the coffee volume, brew strength, and milk volume.

Through the special drinks menu you can enjoy hot water, and baby cappuccino options. Baby cappuccino tastes similar to the espresso macchiato.

This bean to cup coffee machine features a fully automatic steamer. This steamer pours milk in the cups positioned under the spouts from the carafe. The carafe is removable and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. Plus, this model has the quality of automatic internal cleaning.

The list of this bean to cup coffee machine can go on and on. Overall, this is a hassle-free, superbly convenient, and automated model.


  • Offers one-touch brewing and automatic milk frothing.
  • Has built-in programs for the brewing of Espresso Lungo and espresso, cappuccino, and milk frothing.
  • Front-load water compartment with 54oz capacity.


  • A manual steaming wand is not available.

2. Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch

Breville BES990BSS Oracle Touch offers a brilliant hi-tech interface for the coffee brewing experience and is certainly the best high-end bean to cup coffee machine enlisted here. Forget about pressing buttons, and say hello smooth and swift touchscreen. The colorful and perfectly lit touchscreen make using this machine easy and fun.

The sleek and elegant outlook of this machine attracts you right away in a single glance. And when it comes to delivering a hot cup of coffee, it truly stands among the best in the business.

This amazing machine features a steam wand that adds a creamy texture to the milky beverages. The brewing and frothing quality of this machine compete with the ones used in cafes and high-end coffee shops.

The use of machines is not difficult to learn at all. The user interface is simple and easy to understand which is great for both beginners and experts. However, it being on the pricy end does not make it a fine choice for beginners.


  • Over Pressure Valve limits the pressure throughout the extraction process which prevent bitter flavor.
  • Swift and smooth touch screen makes choosing programs easy and fun.
  • Digital temperature control keep the temperature controlled within optimum range.
  • Provides barista-level coffee brewing setting.
  • Beans grinding capacity is great.


  • This machine is very expensive.

3. Jura D6 Platinum

Jura D6 Platinum model by Jura offers entry-level automation and provides the user with the feasibility of usage and outstanding flavor of the coffee. The brewing capability of D6 for making espresso is exceptional. If you wish to use a simple, sophisticated, and easy to use bean to cup coffee machine, then this will be the best choice.

This machine features a pulse extraction process which gives you the perfect time for extraction that produces perfect flavor, soothing aroma, and tantalizing creme of the coffee. This process works for espresso only and functions by slowly pulsing the water to the grounds. Whereas, to make regular coffee, this machine uses the standard extraction process.

With Jura D6, you get programmable brewing strengths ranging from mild to strong and extra strong. Other programmable features are coffee volume and temperature settings. Built-in programs that can operate with a single touch include espresso, milk foam, hot water, coffee, and cappuccino.

Let’s talk about the water tank. The water tank has a capacity of 64 oz. It is easily accessible from the side and also has a high-performance built-in filter. Moreover, the water tank is removable and is easy to clean. This machine also features an automatic cleaning cycle.


  • It is adorned with Pulse Extraction Process that offers optimum extraction time for making espresso.
  • Has Clearyl Smart filter cartridge that removes all the impurities from the water and helps in improving the final flavor of the coffee.
  • Includes a stainless steel thermoblock heating system that provides two brewing temperatures.
  • Makes feather-light consistency of foam.
  • The capacity of the water tank is 64 oz.


  • Does not offer pre-ground coffee beans option.
  • The milk container is not available.

4. Delonghi Dinamica

Delonghi Dinamica is an automatic espresso and coffee making machine. Featuring TrurBrew iced coffee system, this machine has set itself one level above other bean-to-cup coffee machine models available in the market.

This TrurBrew iced coffee system can grind a higher quantity of coffee beans, pre-infuse the beans longer and extract them for a longer time as well. And the final result of this process is amazingly flavorful, lusciously delectable, and robust.

You will find four one-touch buttons on the user’s interface. These single push buttons are for making coffee, over ice, espresso, and espresso lungo. The one-touch or single push drinks can be customized by choosing among five brew levels and volume.

If you’re concerned about the noise of the operation, then you will find this machine on the average side. It is neither much loud nor silent.

Let’s talk about its manual Panarello steam wand. This wand makes frothing fun and magical. This wand is equipped with a technology that does not require a high skill level and produces exceptional foam in the end. This wand is removable and is easy to clean.

The grinder has 13 levels of grinding and is made of steel. The hopper of the grinder is set to dump into the machine. This grinder also supports bypass dosing that is great for serving pre-ground coffee for a single cup.

If you are in search of showcasing your art of making lattes and cappuccinos, then this machine’s manual steaming option is a great choice for you.

All in all, This machine is an excellent pick for professional and highly skilled coffee makers who wish to enjoy the hi-tech coffee machine.


  • The Brew unit of this highly sophisticated machine takes only 40 seconds to heat up.
  • Built-in stainless steel bur provides you with the freshest coffee.
  • Availability of advanced integrated manual frother offers you to customize the levels of steam and foam as per your liking.
  • Has the ability to froth any milk type perfectly.


  • Not a great option for micro foaming.

5. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This Barista Express espresso machine by Breville is a class apart. This exceptionally designed model offers you an incredible mix of barista-level espresso and a coffee maker. Surely, this is not any usual portable espresso maker, but a little heavy, barista-quality, richly featured espresso coffee machine.

This espresso express features a 67 oz water tank along with a conical burr grinder made of sturdy and durable stainless steel material. The water tank of such a high capacity makes this machine an excellent choice for brewing a large quantity of good quality coffee in a short time.

What makes this bean to cup coffee machine special is its ease of use. Much of its process is automatic which makes it a great pick for beginners.

In addition to giving you the ease of automatic programming, it also features a steam wand that beautifully brings the silky smooth texture of milk, giving the luscious feel to your lattes and cappuccinos.

Now coming to the much-anticipated part, the cleaning process of this bean to cup coffee machine. This machine is easy to clean and maintain. Overall, it is a great choice to get a professional level espresso.


  • It offers you ease to switch between automatic and manual settings.
  • It provides a silky smooth consistency of milk, great for making coffee art.
  • The digital temperature control delivers water at a precise temperature.
  • It gives you control over the grinding level, regardless of the type of coffee bean.
  • The water capacity of the tank is 67 oz.


  • The price range falls on the expensive side.

Buying Guide

  • What Is A Bean To Cup Machine?

Bean to cup coffee machine lets you enjoy the true flavor coffee by providing the freshly brewed coffee from freshly ground coffee beans. The more time you give between grinding the coffee beans to brewing the coffee, the less tasty you coffee be. The best Bean to cup coffee machine diminishes this time difference, give less time to coffee beans to oxidize after grinding, and make delicious coffee for you.

Things to Look For in a Good Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Before making the final decision about the best bean to cup coffee machine for you, do consider the following characteristics to get the right product.

  • Tank Capacity

The tank capacity of the bean to cup coffee machine is the most important criterion to consider. Before going on the spree to get the coffee machine, ask yourself how many coffee mugs would you wish to make before filling up the tank again! Some coffee machine models have smaller tank capacity whereas others have large tank capacity. Another thing to ponder is the positioning of the coffee tank. Some models have their tank positioned on the back, and that position is not that easy to access. Thus you’ll want to fill them up less often. Pick that model of the coffee machine that is feasible to use in every aspect for you.

  • Noise

Listening to the loud bean grinding sound coming out of your coffee machine can be agonizingly disturbing for both you and your guests. And it can ruin your plan to chill and relax with your loved ones with just one shriek. That is why it is utterly important to go for a coffee machine that functions as quietly and noiselessly as possible. Surely, it is impossible to have a completely silent coffee machine, as there will be some noise coming out of the milk frother. So, be sure to pick that coffee machine which gives a little less noise during grinding and brewing.

  • Affordability

When surfing the bean to cup coffee machine, you’ll come across a wide range of prices. The high-end and premium quality bean-to-cup coffee machines can reach up to hundreds of dollars in cost. On the other hand, some bean-to-cup coffee machines can be amazingly inexpensive. However, the higher the price, the more will be the features and feasibility. The best bean to cup coffee machine is the one which can do all the functions you need from it while being within budget. For extra convenience, you have to pay extra bucks.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

The basic idea behind having an automated premium quality coffee maker is to enjoy a hot cup of coffee with as little frustration and work as possible. And if you have to clean the whole unit and all its nooks and corners by hand regularly, then it kills the purpose of buying an automated coffee machine. A good quality, the high-end coffee machine must be user-friendly and on top of it, it must be convenient to clean and easy to maintain. Coffee machines that provide automatic cleaning features or have a built-in cleaning mechanism have the characteristic to clean themselves internally, and you only have to press a button. These machines are super easy to operate, maintain, and also great for saving time in today’s hustling lifestyle. Therefore, it is highly advisable to look for those coffee machine models which offer automated self-cleaning function.

  • Milk Frothing Capacity

The most important component of lattes, espressos, or similar coffee mixtures is the texture of milk. Bean to cup coffee machines vary in their capacity to give you control over milk frothing. There are coffee machines that are fully automated and perfectly froth milk as per your preference. Although this adds a lot to the convenience, the downside of such coffee machines is that you do not have any part in milk frothing which is the most fun part of making coffee. If you want your coffee machine to do everything on its own, then it’s okay. However, if you wish to play with your milk and coffee a little yourself and let your hands explore the art of making coffee then go for a coffee machine that has a manual steam wand. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.


  • Is It Difficult to Clean the Bean to Cup Coffee Machines?

Well, the answer to this question varies from model to model. Some bean to cup coffee machine models are designed and manufactured in a way that the machine itself can self-clean itself internally. Whereas, other models require manual cleaning.

  • Can Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Make Espresso Only?

No, that is not the case. Bean to cup coffee machine can make all types of coffees including basic black java, lattes, espresso, and whatnot.

  • Are Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Costly?

That depends on the model and the features you require in a bean to cup coffee machine. To enjoy a luxuriously lavish espresso experience, you have to spend several hundred dollars, for sure. However, there are inexpensive and less costly models are also available in the market which gives you a basic latte or espresso experience.

There you go! We hope that this list of top 5 best bean to cup coffee machines will prove immensely helpful for you to get your hands on the right product. In our opinion, we truly admire the amazing characteristics of Gaggia Velasca Prestige and for us, it is the winner. This wondrous coffee machine is superbly convenient to use with automated functions. And it also gives you the liberty to customize your drinks, which is a huge plus. Nonetheless, all of the above-mentioned coffee machines are loaded with incredible functions to give you the best taste of the coffee. So, whichever one you’ll choose for yourself will be great.

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