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What Is An Espresso? – A Complete Explanation

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You want to make your delicious espresso at home but don’t know how to make it? My What is an Espresso post will do you a favor. Let’s flip through it!

You are deeply addicted to espresso coffee and can not live without a cup per day. You are looking for an espresso machine to have your cup deliciously made every day to save money on coffee shops. However, you have no idea about the espresso machine and being bombarded with various types of devices out there.

Don’t worry! You’re coming to the right page. We bet after reading, “What is an Espresso?” post today, you can become an expert in the espresso machine field and find out your desired machine.

What is an Espresso? – Is it similar to a common coffee maker?

An espresso will give a strong, flavorful, and high-quality coffee shot, and its flavor isn’t mixed with other ingredients like latte, cappuccino, and americano. An espresso machine has superior characteristics compared to a common coffee maker.

The important feature of an espresso is the built-in coffee grinder. The fineness, as well as the flavor of coffee, depends on the grinder. Besides, most machines’ water filters make sure your water source’s quality does not affect the full taste of your espresso cup.

Especially, some of them allow you to set the program for multiple users so that every member of your family or your colleagues can easily make their espresso cups in a few minutes.

What Typical types of Espresso machines?

Manual Espresso Machine

A manual espresso machine allows users to be in full control of every stage of the espresso-making process. A manual maker’s special feature is its lever, giving users a more authentic experience when making coffee than pressing some buttons in the modern version of coffee makers.

Otherwise, the price of these machines fluctuated at a fairly high level. You also need more time to learn how to use a manual espresso maker, especially if you’re a novice. So this type is highly recommended for connoisseurs and baristas.

Aroma Manual Espresso Machine RI9373/47

Semi-Automatic Espresso Maker

The semi-automatic espresso machines are more straightforward to use than their manual counterparts owing to the electric pumps. This type is a combination of manual control and the ease of using a semi-automatic system.

Also, hundreds of semi-automatic espresso machines from various brands are available on the market today at different price ranges.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Marker

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

In addition to the electric pump, this type automatically allows the amount of water to be delivered. Specially, these fully automatic espresso makers are available at affordable prices on the market.

However, the electronic parts may make these machines break easily. Thus, their durability isn’t highly rated compared to the manual espresso makers.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Super Automatic Espresso Maker

The super-automatic maker is an all-in-one system, including many special features, like the programmable settings, so that the price is much higher than other types. Moreover, the super-automatic espresso machine will do all the work for you without your control.

Super Automatic Espresso Marker

How does an espresso machine work?

#1 The water pump

To make a quality coffee cup, you have to ensure your water source is clean and has no mineral content. Some espresso makers have water filters that can help get rid of impurities in water. After that, the pump will force water at high pressure through the condensed coffee puck to create an espresso.

#2 The boiler

At this step, the water will be heated by the boiler to make sure consistency.

#3 The group head & portafilter

Before the coffee flows into your cup, it will go through the group head. It brings the hot and pressurized water striking the compacted coffee. Finally, the ground coffee will be filtered by the metal filter basket called portafilter.

In a nutshell

Espresso machines come from various brands with different prices, so you can easily choose the one that meets your needs and preferences. But after all, they all help you make a strong, tasty, and flavorful espresso cup every day. What Is An Espresso? had just shed light on all your curiosity about an espresso machine. Let’s choose the right one for you!


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